Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Kingdom-focused Prayer?
Praying with kingdom focus assumes wholehearted confidence in God’s providence. It is the Spirit-enabled, loving, obedient, conversational response of God’s adopted sons to their heavenly Father in harmony with His self-revelation in the Bible and most specifically in the person, work, and teaching of His only begotten Son. This is for the purpose of advancing God’s kingdom of grace, preparing for God’s kingdom of glory, and destroying the kingdom of Satan and sin.

Q. What Are Kingdom Intercessors?
Kingdom intercessors are men and women who grow to a place where they invest about one hour daily in disciplined, kingdom-focused prayer, directed at defensive and offensive strategic targets and targets of opportunity. Five strategic defensive targets are: their heart, their leadership, their home, their church, and their world. Three strategic offensive targets are the flesh, the devil, and the world. Kingdom intercessors see disciplined daily prayer as the fountain from which spontaneous kingdom-focused prayer flows reflexively for targets of opportunity everywhere (1Tim. 2:8), about everything (Phil. 4:6), always (Lk 18:1; 21:36; Eph. 6:18). Kingdom intercessors also have the desire, training, and tools to multiply other kingdom intercessors, who multiply still more kingdom intercessors.

Supercritical mass will be 120 kingdom intercessors in 120 churches in 120 cities or regions throughout the world.

Q. What is the purpose of Kingdom Intercessors’ Training (KIT)?
The purpose of KIT is to help believers participate with the Lord Jesus Christ in His ministry of intercession by igniting their passion for kingdom-focused prayer and equipping them to pray with kingdom focus so they can victoriously engage in both defensive and offensive spiritual warfare, increase the vitality of their local churches, and prepare for revival.

Q. What resources are available for Kingdom Intercessors’ Training (KIT)?
KIT resources consist of books, DVDs, ebooks, participant’s guides, and facilitator’s tools. Books can be read for personal benefit or used as the basis of group discussion. Guides are available to coach participants through daily devotional exercises and group discussion. Facilitator’s tools include session plans and feedback forms. The recommended time for group discussions varies from six to thirteen weeks.

KIT resources are designed to train individual believers, local churches, and Christian families to be “houses of prayer for all nations”. Some KIT resources are primary; others are secondary because they assume knowledge and experience gained from completing the primary courses.

Q. What are the primary resources?
Primary resources … They are:
I. A Simple Way to Pray, the Wisdom of Martin Luther on Prayer
Ia. Winning Life’s Battle’s through Prayer (WLB)
II. Improve Your Prayer Life
III. Ignite Your Leadership

Q. What are the secondary resources?
Secondary resources explain why and how believers should pray for the strategic defensive targets of their home, their local church, and their personal world. They are:
I. Intercede for and with Your Family
II. Invigorate Your Church
III. Impact Your World

Q. What are the tertiary resources?
Tertiary resources help families and local churches to be “houses of prayer for all nations”. They are:

I. Armorbearer Intercessor Ministry
Purpose: To mobilize leaders and members of local churches to intercede for each other, building an atmosphere of answered prayer. It is a spiritual advance that produces increased congregational unity and leadership.

II. Neighborhood Spiritual Watch
Purpose: To mobilize members to intercede for their neighborhood.

III. Heaven’s Outpost: Making Your Home a House of Prayer
Purpose: To guide Christian families in dedicating their home to the Lord for a variety of possible ministries to their neighborhood.