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Our Assumptions at Serve International:
1.   Believers are to love Christ supremely.
2.   Believers who love Christ supremely will be eager to participate with Him in His present ministry of intercession.
3.   Believers who participate with Christ in His present ministry of intercession will be ignited with passion to praying with kingdom focus.
4.   Believers who are ignited with passion to praying with kingdom focus will seek to be better equipped to pray with kingdom focus.
5.   Believers can be better equipped to pray with kingdom focus by participating in disciplined training (instinctive prayer is automatic).
6.   Believers who participate in disciplined training in kingdom-focused prayer will more victoriously wage spiritual warfare, more effectively revitalize their local church, and more joyfully prepare for revival.
7.   These believers are kingdom intercessors.

Our mission is to help believers participate effectively with the Lord Jesus Christ in His ministry of intercession by igniting their passion for kingdom-focused prayer and equipping them to pray with kingdom focus so they can victoriously:
– Engage in spiritual warfare
– Help to revitalize their local church
– Prepare for revival

Our vision is to mobilize an army that intercedes with extraordinary prayer. By God’s grace and for His glory, we pray that through Kingdom Intercessors’ Training He will produce a supercritical mass of kingdom intercessors (120 kingdom intercessors in 120 churches in 120 cities or regions throughout the world).

To learn more, click on the video below to see the bigger picture in PowerPoint. Also see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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